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Eclipse Metals Ltd (ASX: EPM; FSE: 9EU) is an Australian based mineral exploration company focused on discovery of multi-commodity mineralisation.

The company has a vision to sustainably explore for, and extract, minerals, and metals vital for a green economy and the electrification transition.

The company has 2 significant projects in Greenland – Ivigtût and Grønnedal projects.


Eclipse Metals plans to concentrate its resources in Greenland in the short to medium term and is assessing options on divestment for the Australian uranium assets. 

The company is committed developing a robust ESG framework and places critical importance on social licence to operate and has excellent relations with the local communities in Greenland in the vicinity of Ivigtût and Grønnedal projects.


Greenland is considered highly prospective for rare earth elements and Eclipse Metals is uniquely placed to explore and monetise their significant projects.

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Ivigtût Project

The Ivigtût project in in Southwest Greenland was once the world's largest historical cryolite mine which has rare earth potential. The company has commenced preliminary drilling on 31 percussion holes. Early-stage samples of the unique mineral cryolithionite have been identified and provide encouragement for potential lithium mineralisation. Eclipse has also identified a possible economic resource from the substantial mine waste on site containing visible cryolite, fluorite, and quartz.

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Grønnedal Project 

Drill sampling has also been conducted at the Grønnedal project and early samples have returned encouraging values of praseodymium (Pr) and Neodymium (Nd). These early results indicate the Grønnedal carbonite complex could be significant on a global basis in respect of Pr and Nd content.

The company also holds an impressive Australian portfolio of more than 8,000 sqm over 19 mineral tenements in the Northern Territory and Queensland. These projects include prospective uranium and manganese assets. 

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