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Atlas Lithium Corporation (NASDAQ: ATLX) is a U.S.-based mineral exploration company developing the largest hard rock lithium project in Brazil.

The company has the largest size and breadth of strategic minerals projects in Brazil – a Tier-1 mineral jurisdiction.

The properties encompass mineral rights on land packages of approximately 75,542 acres (306 km2) for lithium, 137,883 acres (558 km2) for nickel, 30,009 acres (121 km2) for rare earths, 22,050 acres (89 km2) for titanium, and 13,766 acres (56 km2) for graphite. Atlas Lithium also owns multiple mining concessions for gold, diamond, and industrial sand.

The Company’s premier project is the Minas Gerais Lithium Project – encompassing 54 mineral rights for lithium over 240 square kilometres located in the northern part of the State of Minas Gerais, Brazil, in the municipalities of Araçuai, Itinga, Coronel Murta, Rubelita, Taiobeiras, and Virgem da Lapa.



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A close neighbour to the Minas Gerais project is the lithium producer Sigma Lithium with a world class lithium resource base of around 85 million tonnes and a project area of 191 square kilometres.


Atlas Lithium also holds a 28% equity in listed Jupiter Gold (NASDAQ: JUPGF). Jupiter Gold holds mineral rights over 132,173 acres in Brazil distributed in 6 project areas.


The Company is deeply committed to an ESG framework and has appointed an ESG co-ordination manager. Recent initiatives have included substantial tree planting, construction and maintenance of local retention walls and roads and delegation of contract work to organisations manages or owned by minorities or women.

Atlas Lithium has a broad experienced management team with considerable mining, minerals, and on-ground experience in Brazil. The Company is also backed by a several well-known institutions such as Blackrock, Sprott, UBS and Waratah.

Atlas Lithium’s goal is to be a leader in the provisioning of minerals essential to the transformation of the global economy from fossil fuels to electrification.

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